Keep Shining Always

Last week, the world lost a dearly loved actor and philanthropist. Even though death is an everyday occurrence, and no one’s death is more or less important than another’s, Paul Walker‘s death left his thousands of fans so heavyhearted for so many distinct reasons. Paul left this world and also left behind a beautiful message. Despite being a huge fan of his fun and action-packed films, I am going to solely focus on the impact his love of helping others had on the planet. In my last post, I wrote about how important it is that we all remember our spark; what makes us excited in life and what makes us want to truly be alive in this moment. I also mentioned that for me, something that has always truly inspired me was the ability to work for or be part of an organization truly dedicated to promoting the welfare of others.

Besides his passion for cars, Paul Walker found his spark in humanitarian work. He founded Reach Out WorldWide, a non-profit organization, “consisting of skilled volunteers”( As mentioned on their website, “The volunteers provide their expertise when disasters strike and augment local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts on a worldwide basis. ROWW has developed Standard Operating Procedures that facilitate arriving quickly, clearing access, providing basic necessities and medical assistance to ease the survivors’ pain and bringing hope in the bleakest of circumstances.”

There is so much we can do in this world to find our dharma and serve others. All we have to do is keep our light shining brightly in our soul. An act of kindness, as mentioned in one of my first posts, goes so far. We may not all start our own non-profits, but let us never forget that we are all capable of making a huge difference in this world in a magnificent way.  Whether it be helping a neighbor shovel his snow out of the driveway, smiling at a stranger, or travelling to the Philippines to provide hands-on support, every breath of kindness we leave on this planet moves our energy in a positive way.

I’m going to end this post with a video that has inspired me to continue on living by my love of humanitarian work, and I hope it will inspire you as well. Rest in peace, Paul Walker, and keep shining always.

*If you would like to donate to Reach Out WorldWide, check out their website: 


Remember your SPARK!

I came to a sudden realization today. So many of us, after graduating high school/college,  become an “adult” and tend to lose our spark. You know, that tiny exciting feeling that shines from your soul outwards? That feeling of inspiration, dreaming, wishes to shine in the world and beyond? 

I remember as a kid, getting very excited over the idea of truly making a difference in our world. Organizations truly involved in saving animals or helping other human beings really sparked a fire inside me that shone through my eyes. And honestly? They still do spark that fire. The only difference is that I allow the fire to be put out much quicker instead of working with it, making it even bigger, and following through. Why does this happen to so many of us? Fear?

I’ll speak about the one case I feel most comfortable relaying to you; but please feel free to comment about other cases you know that make us forget about our spark. Many times, when we land a financially secure job, we do not leave it, no matter the circumstances of the job itself (due to how many of us are conditioned by society). Why? Well, if you read the papers, landing a financially secure job is a true blessing and I do not deny this in any way. Nonetheless, if what we are doing in this job does not inspire us, is it truly worth it to dedicate 8+ hours a day for 30+ years of our lives? I mean, really think about it. Why are we afraid to pursue our dreams? Isn’t it much scarier that we really only have one life to live? As kids/youth we had DREAMS! What would the 10 year old version of you say if he/she saw you now?

As I read in a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer,  he rightfully states, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” We can’t forget this, we must remember that spark we once had inside us and bring it back to life!