What’s Behind Max ‘n’ Totes

Maxi and Totes are two of the three most important furry loves of my life (the third being my family dog, Socrates). Since adopting them, I have grown and changed in such immense ways. Apart from the responsibility that comes with adopting a meowing companion, I have also learned so much about cats in general. This is important as I had always grown up with dogs and had never really thought much about cats at all. Adopting Maxi and Totes opened my eyes to the love I am able to have for all animals alike and the importance of connecting with them and treating all animals with love and kindness. It eliminated all judgement from me when it came to thinking I liked one animal more than another animal, which in turn helped me reduce any judgement that I could have towards any person.



I started this blog not only to share my passion for animals through informational, cute, funny, interesting posts, but to also share my growth spiritually and as a human being with all my readers. This includes my vegan-ish-ism, as I am slowly transitioning my eating habits by feeling a stronger connection to animals and the planet. This also includes what I learn on a day to day basis as a 20-something year old girl (woman?) growing up, and figuring out what this thing called life is really all about.  I hope you’ll share this journey with me!



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